Sunday, July 5, 2009

No Gloom and Doom Scenarios Here!

"Golf is Good!" according to NEPGA Executive Director Nathan Robbins. As the New England Chapter Executive Director and therefore role model, Nathan espouses good 'ol New England virtues such as patience, fortitude and of course strong work ethics, e.g. Yankee Ingenuity. Even in the midst of these questionable economic times, Nathan is quite confident that golf in New England will prevail, it always does. In an effort to grow and protect the spirit of the game, Nathan nurtures NEPGA programs such as the Callaway Junior Tour, with a schedule of over 70 events, boasting over 550 players and Rules and Etiquette clinics. Nathan also oversees over 1,000 PGA Professionals from over 400 New England golf courses. The NEPGA hosts over 300 competitive events throughout the golf season as well!

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