Saturday, August 22, 2009

Puma Open Boston 2009

Due to my uber insane sched I was only able to swing by the Puma Open Boston, held this past Friday afternoon at the Pinehills Golf Club in Plymouth, for the latter half of the event. Upon my arrival, I thought I'd walked into a fashion shoot! Lets just say the golfers who participate in the Puma Opens really take their Puma golf gear seriously! Even the employees of the Pinehills Golf Club were donning the latest in Puma attire from head to toe! How do I best describe the Puma Open?'s a mix of extreme golf (zany golf holes) fabulous food and drinks and casino style gambling! The vibe of the Puma Golf Brand is surfing the wave of the new generation in golf which is trendy, fashionable and totally tied into social networking! The kool kats from Puma Golf are all about real time and were shooting video skits, tweeting up a storm on Twitter and using "Social Pix" to upload photos from the partay straight to the Puma Open Facebook Fan Page! The Puma Open Boston was just what this area of New England needed....a swift kick in the khakis! New England golfers tend to be rather "traditional!" The Puma Open 2009 is on a nationwide tour visiting 15 cities. Go to for more info! A big Thank You to all the attentive Puma employees - Matt Handy, Katie Clifford, Heather Bouzan and Ashley Girard as well as Puma Ocean Racing Team Skipper Kenny Read (who BTW just completed the 46,000 mile 'round the world Volvo Ocean Race - taking second place honors - aboard the Puma boat "Il Mostro!") y'all made my night!

Puma Open Promo Video

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