Friday, September 25, 2009

Brian Silva Design

Celebrated Golf Course Architect Brian Silva has been designing and renovating golf courses for over 25 years! A leading interpreter of classic vintage design, Silva has restored many of this nation's historic courses - bringing the original designer's visions back to life! He refers to the "Golden Age Architects" such as Donald Ross, Allistar McKenzie, Charles Blair McDonald, William Flynn, Langford and Morrow and Styles and VanCleek stating that, "many of these architects were sharp and cutting edge in their visions and strategy but because so many of their creations have been changed - stripped of like 20, 30 or 40 of their bunkers, due to the economic hard times after the Depression, their work is not what we think it is." To aid in his restoration process Brian uses the original golf course plans and blueprints as well as vintage photos from the teens and early 1920's. It's crystal clear to me after talking with Brian that even after 25 years, he's absolutely enamored with his craft, quite a rare quality to find these days! That my friends is why Brian Silva is top in the field of Golf Course Design!

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