Thursday, October 1, 2009

DePuy Mitek PGA Tour Mobile Fitness Center

Scott Reihl - PGA Tour Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

Traveling week to week with the PGA Tour is the DePuy Mitek Mobile Fitness Center and the Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Clinic. These two pimped out trailers house state of the art work-out equipment and top-notch staff therapists and chiropractors and in the case of a serious injury, the PGA Tour also has an on-call Orthopedic Surgeon! During each tour event, the trailers are usually parked in close proximity to the Clubhouse in the player's parking lot so it's very convenient for the players to utilize the facilities before and after their rounds. Scott Reihl gave me a kickin tour around the Fitness Facility! The PGA Tour and DePuy Mitek provide the facilities free of charge to the PGA Tour players. Scott's been running the program since it's inception 9 years ago and he coordinates an assessment of each players specific needs and builds a work-out program. He travels with the tour 30 to 35 weeks out of a year living out of hotels and eating out every nite but Scott loves his job and many of the tour players have become close personal friends. Scott said, "It's not a typical week for the PGA Tour here at the Atunyote Golf Club - the weather conditions are brutal so alot of guys are coming in for their workouts and stretches to warm-up before they play to prevent injury." Scott's seen "steady growth in the program from 20 to 25% of the players utilizing the facilities to 80 and 85% of the field every week." Scott says, "alot of players are seeing the benefit of a healthy body as it relates to their golf swing" and that "Gary Player is probably the Father of Fitness here on the PGA Tour, he's been working out for bout 50 years now and his good friend is Jack LaLanne, so working out is nothing new to the tour but Tiger's success has definitely put the fitness end in the forefront!" Sounds good to me, Rock on Guys!

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