Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jeremy Roenick

Liza Churchill with Pembroke Country Club owner Jeremy Roenick and wife Tracy
Home and golf is where the heart is for Marshfield's Jeremy Roenick! This South Shore native acquired Pembroke Country Club this past spring in a bank sale, saving it from certain absolute rock bottom ruin. Never behind the eight ball for very long, Jeremy - with the help of Pembroke's amazing support staff, has literally nursed this stunning course back to health. I asked Jeremy how his first New England golf season went and he said, "it was very tough, it was a very up and down season due to the weather as anyone in New England knows...we did a very good job of getting some love back into the course, getting some love back into the clubhouse and really made it a presentable place for people to play and come and spend some time." Some of Jeremy's future plans for Pembroke include holding a US Amateur qualifying event, hosting celebrity charity events, re-building the leagues, junior clinics and exciting membership opportunities. Throughout this recently retired NHL superstar's career he was largely considered to be a terrorist on (and off) the ice and was quite an outspoken and controversial figure! However, Jeremy's not one to back down from what he believes to be "the right thing to do" and no one can argue that throughout his career his commitment was "unparalleled." I believe the same to be true of his commitment to the local golfing community here on the South Shore. Jeremy actually grew up playing at Pembroke and he considers it his home course although currently residing in Arizona. Jeremy's far from an "absentee" course owner, he's a very accomplished golfer in his own right and golf is tops on his bucket list (well, prolly after his family) of things to do in retirement - he even plays on a celebrity golf tour. In regard to his own golf game he said, "I am a very big golf snob, I am very hard on the greens, I like good greens, I like fast greens, I will not play a course that does not have good a course owner I make sure that's the case." Need we say more? There's plenty of good golf still left to play! Go to to book a tee time now!


DaveAndrews said...

Very interesting... I did not know that Jeremy had bought the course. Some of my golfing buddies and I often play at Pembroke CC in the winter (weather permitting) when the courses here in New Hampshire are closed. We like their 10 AM shotgun starts and don't even mind the sometimes frozen ground. At least we are out playing.
By the way, I'd love to get you my golf novel. It is based on women's pro golf. I have the screenplay also.

Golf Ball Pro said...

Ive heard alot about pembroke but have yet to have the chance to visit i need to make it a goal this year

Golf Ball Planet said...

Its nice to see these professional athletes taking interest in other sports as it will create a lot more interest specially if your a Jeremy Roenick fan.

I haven' played this course yet but would love to try it out.