Thursday, December 17, 2009

Patriot's Owner Bob Kraft ~ Gentlemen Farmer

Gentlemen Farmer Jon Joly and his wife Cara's chicken coop on Cape Cod
Congrats are in order! A few weeks ago, New England Patriots Owner and Gentlemen Farmer Bob Kraft petitioned the town of Brookline for a "Keeping of Animals" permit. Much to the chagrin of Kraft's neighbors - who were up in arms at the thought of chickens in the neighborhood, he just got the OK from the powers that be. Brookline Public Health Commissioner Dr. Alan Balsam gave the green light for the Kraft family to house 12 chickens at their Chestnut Hill estate during the winter months! Bob Kraft is a summer resident of New Seabury on Cape Cod and the chickadees reside there during the summer months. The town of Brookline stipulated that Kraft's chicks cannot "run free throughout the neighborhood" and must be kept in an enclosed shed and pen and no roosters allowed - far too noisy! I found that to be reasonable however my curiosity was not satisfied, just what was it that had Bob Kraft's neighbors' feathers so ruffled?! I decided to pay my brother Johnny and his wife Cara a visit! FYI these two rather trendy Gen Y'ers are newlyweds! This past Summer they built a chicken coop and filled it with exotic Araucana chickens sans ducks (pigs to come). They even have an organic garden! Cara told me, "the chickens are great for composting, it's great fertilizer for our garden, they even eat the bugs in the yard!" The chicks lay fresh eggs daily in an array of colors, from light blue, light green to pink and brown! All I can say is Bob Kraft is onto something, I don't believe I have ever tasted eggs so fresh. I'm thinking a mighty cheese souffle for Christmas morning???

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