Saturday, February 20, 2010

Get your Slix On!

PGA Touring Professional John Daly in his Slix
Ummm well we now know that PGA Tour Pro John Daly isn't going commando in his LoudMouth golf attire! John's a big Twitter guy ( and alerted us all to the fact that he now has a new underwear sponsor ~ Whether or not his Slix will help him get his game on remains to be seen. It's a well known fact that John favors a Dairy Queen blizzard from time to time but has managed to shed more than 100 lbs! John's pre-releasing his newest album this week, formal launch date is March 2, available only on his website ~ the first 1,000 will be autographed ~ and his new reality tv show "Being John Daly" airs on the Golf Channel March 2nd. Stay tuned!

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