Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tiger in 3D at the Masters!

Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia

Could life get any better? Its official, after a 4 month hiatus, Tiger Woods has confirmed his return to the game of golf, yes that's right, he's thrown his hat into the ring (ah er green jacket?) and will be competing in this year's Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia April 5 - 11, 2010! Tiger has reigned supreme at Augusta on 4 previous occasions! BTW this historic annual event started in 1934! Thanks to Comcast (using technologies provided by Sony and IBM) this marks the first golf tournament/sporting event ever to be broadcast live in cutting edge 3D technology ~ although one has to own a pricey 3D television or computer and the 3D production feed will be available online at the official Masters website. No doubt the world will witness "golf at its finest" (rowdy fans - hecklers- will be tossed out and banned for life per club rules) and this event is primed to break all records across the board! Don't miss out! The Masters Tournament, April 5 -11, 2010! Watch live online at www.themasters.com

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