Thursday, August 26, 2010

History Making Win for Scott Spence

Carnegie Abbey's Director of Instruction ~ Scott Spence made New England golf history today racking up his second Section Major Title in one year at the 86th Annual NEPGA Championship!  This event, held at the Woodlands Club and Portland CC in Falmouth, Maine August 24 ~ 26th, was paired down to 36 holes due to severe rainstorms.  Scott told me that he "plays better in inclement weather conditions and he just hit a few less shots than the rest of the 162 guys!"  Humble to a fault Scott actually played the majority of his second round in the torrential downpour yesterday ~ finishing 16 holes so his round today was short and sweet  ~ he birdied the last two holes finishing up with a score of -3 69.  Scott said, "I've been on a pretty good streak lately winning the New England
PGA Senior Championship a few weeks ago at  Okemo Valley shooting 67 ~ 68 and the winners trophy was presented to me by PGA President Jim Remy which was great!
Plans for the future? Scotts "confident in my game and looking forward to going to Cooperstown to a course I grew up on playing in a tournament I have won on three other occasions then it's off to New Hampshire to defend my title at the New England Open the second week in September, things are good." The NEPGA Championship serves as a qualifier for the 2011 PGA Professional National Championship to be held at Hershey, PA. next June.  For complete results on the top 11 qualifiers click on the link:

The Situation ~ To Play or Not to Play?

Yesterday morning's "Unfortunate Situation" (the latest in a string of unpopular PGA Tour rulings btw) involving PGA Tour Player Jim Furyk at the Barclays ~ the first of 4 FedExCup Playoff events ~ has a handful of fellow players up in arms:

PGA Tour Player Joe Ogilvie (@ogilvieJ) tweeted this morning "I was on the policy board when we made the DQ pro-am rule, a mistake. Miss pro-am, should be a day with sponsor on players' dime, no DQ."


PGA Tour Player Phil Michelson (currently #4 in FedEx) had some heated words to say to PGA Tour Commish Tim Fitchem yesterday afternoon, citing the ruling as "ridiculous" and stating that “the rule itself applies to only half the field so, if you have a rule that does not apply to everybody because not everyone plays in the pro-am, you cannot have it affect the competition."

The Rule

Circa 2004 ~ PGA Tour rules state that a player who is late or misses his pro-am tee time is subject to an "ineligable to play" for that week’s tourney. The exceptions being for injuries or family emergencies. Usually about half the field participates in a particular week’s pro-am and in the case of The Barclays, 54 of the 122 golfers played the pro-am evet yesterday.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Proper verbage, Rules etc.

Just got word from PGA Tour that the proper terminology for the Jim Furyk incident this morning is:  Jim Furyk is ineligible to compete in the Barclays due to missing his 7:30am pro-am tee time today (rather than being disqualified).  Either way folks Jim Furyk's gotta put it in overdrive from here on out!

Run for the FedEx Cup ~ The Barclays

PGA Tour Pro Jim Furyk Disqualified from the Barclays today!

PGA Tour Pro Jim Furyk arrived in Paramus, NJ full of confidence ~ sitting atop the FedExCup Standings at #3.  Unfortunately his cell phone battery died and he never got the wake up call for his 7:30 Pro-Am tee time this morning!  He missed by 5 minutes and was replaced by Marc Leishman.  Slugger White ~ PGA Tour VP Rules Official and Furyk's caddie Mike Cowan (Fluff) searched for bout a half hour prior to his tee time but to no avail.  The penalty, seemingly harsh ~ especially under the circumstances (10 million of them) is standard. The format of the FedExCup Playoffs is such that the top 5 FedExCup Leaders can possibly win the whole shootin' match with a win at the final playoff event ~ The Tour Championship.  With Furyk's DQ this morning ~ he could possibly drop as far down as 19th on the points list depending upon how it all pans out ~ the best guesstimates are about 7th ~ 10th place.  Although Jim was pretty bummed out about his predicament he handled his fate with grace stating, "The rules are rules, I have no one to blame but myself.  Jim's heading back to Florida, "I'm heading home, there is no reason to go to Boston this early.  To sit there for 9 or 10 days is pointless."  A true champion Jim is also well aware of his blind spots stating, "I missed the first day of school.  I should have just stayed home.  I'm beside myself but I have a way of climbing into stupid situations."  Today's ruling comes on the heals of  the controversial Dustin Johnson "Bunker Ruling" at the PGA Championship and Juli Inskter's DQ for the use of a "training aid" during an LPGA's Safeway Classic event.  Keep your chin up Jim we'll see you next week at the Deutsche Bank Championship!

Monday, August 16, 2010

New England Series Amateur Tour

95.9 WATD's Goldie Bounce Golf host Liza Churchill chats with NEPGA's Jayce Settles at the New England Series Amateur Tour Event held at the Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club on Cape Cod!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2003 Senior World Long Drive Champ ~ Eric Jones

PGA Professional Eric Jones' winning drive at the 2003 RE/MAX World Long Drive Competition

Eric Jones is a man on a mission ~ to empart to his students the gems of knowledge he's garnered over the years through his own experience hitting golf balls a really lllooonnngggg way! A few years ago on a lark he decided to try his hand at competing in Long Drive and in his first time out Eric won the 2003 RE/MAX Senior World Long Drive Championship! A PGA Teaching Professional, Eric also has a Master's Degree in Sports Psychology and has written numerous books on the techniques of mastering the game of golf ~  his teaching philosophy integrates the mind with the mechanics of the golf swing.  Eric's most popular book ~ The 5 Keys to Distance is in it's second printing!  Currently documenting his journey to the 2010 RE/MAX Senior World Long Drive Championship,  Eric also owns a teaching center in Northern California

To listen to my 95.9 WATD August 15th interview with Eric ~ Click on the podcast player below