Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Situation ~ To Play or Not to Play?

Yesterday morning's "Unfortunate Situation" (the latest in a string of unpopular PGA Tour rulings btw) involving PGA Tour Player Jim Furyk at the Barclays ~ the first of 4 FedExCup Playoff events ~ has a handful of fellow players up in arms:

PGA Tour Player Joe Ogilvie (@ogilvieJ) tweeted this morning "I was on the policy board when we made the DQ pro-am rule, a mistake. Miss pro-am, should be a day with sponsor on players' dime, no DQ."


PGA Tour Player Phil Michelson (currently #4 in FedEx) had some heated words to say to PGA Tour Commish Tim Fitchem yesterday afternoon, citing the ruling as "ridiculous" and stating that “the rule itself applies to only half the field so, if you have a rule that does not apply to everybody because not everyone plays in the pro-am, you cannot have it affect the competition."

The Rule

Circa 2004 ~ PGA Tour rules state that a player who is late or misses his pro-am tee time is subject to an "ineligable to play" for that week’s tourney. The exceptions being for injuries or family emergencies. Usually about half the field participates in a particular week’s pro-am and in the case of The Barclays, 54 of the 122 golfers played the pro-am evet yesterday.

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