Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Golf and Politics

Who ever said golf and politics don't mixx?! South Shore resident Maryanne Lewis is an avid golfer ~ although not so much these days 'cause she's an Independent candidate for the Massachusetts Tenth Congressional District!   Maryanne told me that she picked up the game while working for Tip O'Neil in Washington who strongly urged her to learn the sport of golf ~ btw Tip played out of Eastward Ho! on Cape Cod.  We're gonna talk 'bout the politics of the golf industry in Massachusetts as well as Maryanne's campaign!  For more info on Maryanne's campaign go to
Don't miss out!  Thursday October 7th there will be a political debate from 6 ~ 8 pm at the Plymouth Town Hall featuring candidates for the Massachusetts Tenth Congressional District ~ Maryanne Lewis, Bill Keating, Jeff Perry and Jim Sheets.  This event is sponsored by the Plymouth Area League of Women Voters and PAC-TV

Click below to hear my 95.9 WATD September 26th interview with Maryanne Lewis!

Please remember to vote on Election Day Tuesday, November 2nd ~ the future of our country depends upon it!

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