Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yup ~ I'm a Fair Weather Golfer!

If your in the market for a golf umbrella or just a hip stylish umbrella ~ fashion statement ~ you've got to check out "Cheeky Umbrellas!"  Based out of Vancouver, BC founder Jen Zurowski does a magnificent job of creating  amazing umbrellas that "brighten your day" with "cheeky" statements written on the inside lining such as "I prefer umbrellas in my cocktails" and "rain doesn't dare mess my hair."  To top it off they actually shield you from the rain whilst all the while making a fashion forward statement!  I mean ~ can it get any better than that on a dreary rainy day? Jen has a wide array of umbrellas to choose from ~ there are long umbrellas to kids to bridal to compact and of course my fave ~ the golf umbrella!  There's even a Fall sale going on now!

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