Goldie's 2017 Schedule

95.9 WATD FM on Boston's South Shore 

May 4th 2017 ~ Goldie's back for her 8th year broadcasting on 95.9 WATD FM!   "Goldie's Golf Getaways" has gone GLOBAL and "Goldie's Hot Sheet" is "trending" more than ever!

*** FYI most of Goldie's 95.9 WATD's The South Shore's Morning News features from 2009 to present can be found on SoundCloud ***

Goldie's Hot Sheet Goldie's weekly 'round up of Golf Lifestyle and Culture picks for the Stylish and Informed golfer Currently trending stuff that YOU NEED TO KNOW  'cause golfers have a life OFF THE COURSE too!   Tune into "Goldie's Hot Sheet" Thursdays at 8:40am during New England's Golf season on 95.9 WATD's The South Shore's Morning News

Goldie's Golf Getaway's ~ Goldie's hittin' the road in search of the finest #LUXE Daycations, Staycations and Getaways in New England and Beyond!  Tune into "Goldie's Golf Getaway's" Thursdays at 8:40am during New England's Golf season on 95.9 WATD's The South Shore's Morning News.  Don't miss out 'cause we're giving away tons of spoils from Goldie's travels so tune in to call in and win 

Goldie's Take ~ Find Goldie's Take on Local, New England and National Golf  news on 95.9  under "Golf News" and WATD Twitter and WATD Facebook  

WATD Sports Golf Reports ~ Catch Goldie's golf updates during the South Shore's Morning News at :22 and :52 past the hour Mon - Fri  from 5 ~ 9am

Goldie Bounce Golf Podcast Show

Stay Tuned!  Goldie Bounce Golf Podcast Show featuring the top names in the world of golf coming to you soon on Goldie's AudioBoom Channel 

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